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Cates Laboratories has been in operation since 2002 and continues to provide the highest quality laboratory testing services. Cates Laboratories specializes in the analysis of asbestos, fungal structures (mycology), mortars as well as architectural coatings and forensic petrographic services. Cates Laboratories is a NVLAP accredited (NVLAP Lab Code 200569-0, Testing), woman-owned business that operates in Dallas, Texas.

We go beyond what is expected and do our best to meet all of your analytical needs.

About Us

Cates Laboratories specializes in the testing of building materials for the presence of asbestos. Trained analysts investigate suspect materials and determine if asbestos is present.


Cates Laboratories analyzes bulk materials, air samples and tape lifts that may contain fungi spores. Identification and quantification methods are used to evaluate



Petrographic analysis consists of investigative methods to determine material composition, stone characterization, and more.



Cates Laboratories provides a variety of services to its clients as well as assisting homeowners with their analytical needs.


We're all about quality.

Quality services is the number one priority of CatesLab, of which there are two primary aspects: Client Services & Quality Assurance.

Client Services


It is crucial to communicate openly with the client during contract negotiation and during the execution of the contracted work. CatesLab understands that client deadlines are critical in order for the client to disseminate information and make recommendations to the property manager/owner. Therefore, sample turnaround is high priority, without compromising quality. CatesLab encourages feedback from clients in order to improve the quality system, testing activities and client service.

Quality Assurance


Cateslab emphasizes and adheres to all aspects of the laboratory quality system. A laboratory is only as good as its functional quality system. It must be carried out with the same attention as the actual work performed. Quality analytical testing will not be compromised by turnaround time. Analysts receive classroom academic instruction as well as hands-on training, which is emphasized during the training process. Quality Control (QC) is performed in a timely manner in order to ensure that quality laboratory test results are being produced.



1339 Motor Circle, Dallas, Texas 75207

Tel: 214-920-5006    Fax: 1-972-767-0167


Thanks! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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